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SPI News

Our news page provides important company news and information. Here you will find recent news releases and articles as well as an archive of news releases. We have also included a media contact person who can provide you with additional information about Sierra Pacific Industries.

Andrea Howell

Director of Corporate Affairs

Sierra Pacific Industries

P.O. Box 496028

Redding, CA 96049-6028

phone: (530) 378-8000

email: sierra@spi-ind.com

Date Source
08/17/2017 Press Release Agreement signed to protect wildlife, reduce wildfire risk
05/17/2016 Press Release Sierra Pacific Foundation Grants $680,000 In Scholarships
09/07/2016 Press Release Sierra Pacific Industries to sell Brockway Campground Land to U.S. Forest Service
05/06/2016 Press Release Sierra Pacific Foundation Grants $549,450 In Scholarships
04/06/2016 Press Release USGBC Announces new pathway to encourage environmentally responsible forest management in LEED
01/25/2016 Press Release Sierra Pacific Industries Announces Permanent Closure of Arcata, CA Sawmill
10/27/2015 Press Release Groups move forward with important Martis Valley preservation efforts
10/21/2015 Press Release Sierra Pacific Industries Promotes Aaron Sulzer to VP Sales and Marketing
10/21/2015 Press Release Sierra Pacific and Partners Come Together to Save the Fisher
10/07/2015 Press Release Sierra Pacific Commits $6 Million to OSU Advanced Wood Products Laboratory
05/22/2015 Press Release Sierra Pacific Foundation Grants over $630,000 in Scholarships
05/22/2015 Press Release Purchase of Assets From Simpson Lumber Company
04/28/2015 Press Release Sierra Pacific Industries Completes Acquisition of Hurd Windows and Doors
08/04/2014 Press Release Sierra Pacific Industries Announces Intent to Acquire Hurd Windows and Doors
07/07/2014 Press Release SPI Gives $1 Million to Help Build One SAFE Place's New Shelter - The Sierra House
05/13/2014 Press Release Reconstruction of Sawmill at Quincy
10/01/2013 Press Release Major Martis Valley Preservation Agreement
09/04/2013 Press Release SPI Announces Promotion of Aaron Sulzer as Structural Lumber Sales Manager
12/12/2012 Press Release Sierra Pacific Industries Affirms its Intolerance for Sexual Harassment
10/23/2012 Press Release Sierra Pacific Industries to Restore Area Burned by Ponderosa Fire
09/17/2012 Press Release Ed Stewart: Thanks to resort and Sierra Pacific
08/28/2012 redding.com Moonlight Fire Press Release
07/18/2012 Press Release Moonlight Fire Questions & Answers
07/18/2012 Press Release Sierra Nevada Land Protected From Development
04/03/2012 Press Release Hospice House named for Ida Emmerson
03/06/2012 times-standard.com Editorial: Battle Creek review shows system works
12/26/2011 redding.com Fishers returned to area in Sierra after 100 years
12/16/2011 sfgate.com National Softwood Lumber Board Members Appointed
11/01/2011 Press Release Sierra Pacific Industries Sonora Sawmill reopening ceremony
07/10/2011 sacbee.com Sierra Pacific Industries Sonora Mill Begins Production
07/07/2011 Press Release Court Affirms Forestry's Positive Role in Addressing Climate Change
02/22/2011 Press Release Sierra Pacific has contributed over $4,800 to the Resource Connection Food Bank
11/15/2010 Press Release Catch-and-release program for weasel cousin begins on Humboldt County timberland
10/31/2010 times-standard.com Amador County Historical Society to take over railroad
10/27/2010 recordnet.com Sierra Pacific Industries Donates Historical Amador Rail Line to Preservation Groups
10/27/2010 Press Release Sierra Pacific Industries to Close its Loyalton, CA Power Plant
08/20/2010 Press Release Sierra Pacific Industries to Retool Sawmill at Sonora, California
06/25/2010 sierrasun.com SPI Employee Given Award by Sierra Business Council
04/15/2010 Press Release Lone, lovelorn wolverine baffles scientists
03/09/2010 sfgate.com Sierra Pacific Industries Announces Mill Reopening at Quincy, California
02/22/2010 Press Release Wolverine Spotted Again on Sierra Pacific Industries Forest Lands in Sierra
01/22/2010 Press Release A homecoming for fishers
01/14/2010 newsreview.com Sierra Pacific Industries to Re-Start Loyalton Power Plant
12/23/2009 Press Release Rare critter returns: Fishers re-introduced to Butte County
12/09/2009 chicoer.com RARE, Native mammal returns to Northern Sierra AFTER 100-YEAR ABSENCE
12/09/2009 Press Release 1,000 acres added to Tahoe National Forest
11/10/2009 andersonvalleypost.com Wetland Conservation Easement Agreement with Natural Resource Conservation Service
10/26/2009 Press Release SPI and Equator Announce Largest U.S. Forest Carbon Transaction to Date
09/30/2009 gov.ca.gov Anderson Man Pleads Guilty to Stealing Wood from Sierra Pacific Industries
07/22/2009 Press Release The eagles have landed
07/21/2009 auburnjournal.com RMEF, Sierra Pacific Industries Launch California Initiative
06/19/2009 rmef.org Sierra Pacific Industries Announces Mill Closures at Sonora and Camino, California
03/23/2009 Press Release Wolverine Documented on Sierra Pacific Industries’ Forest Lands
03/16/2009 Press Release Sierra Pacific Industries Announces Mill Closure at Quincy
03/02/2009 Press Release Sierra Pacific Industries awarded a $657,000 energy-efficiency rebate
12/19/2008 redding.com Sierra Pacific Industries earns SFI President's Award
09/25/2008 Press Release Entrepreneurs see the revenue in recycling
09/03/2008 redding.com North state businesses turn restaurant grease, wood chips into cash
09/01/2008 redding.com Sierra Pacific cuts Simpson check for new baseball digs
07/18/2008 redding.com Hall of fame will honor Sierra Pacific co-founder
06/17/2008 redding.com Sierra Pacific Industries Achieves Chain-of-Custody Certifications
06/12/2008 Press Release Sierra Pacific Industries Forest Practices Again Upheld by California Supreme Court
05/23/2008 Press Release BLM Highlights Cooperative Recreation Improvement Efforts With SPI
04/02/2008 blm.gov New report on forest management and reductions in CO2 levels
04/02/2008 Press Release Annual banquet allows for elk conservation/study
01/27/2008 redding.com Agreement to Conserve Fisher Habitat
11/04/2007 sierrasun.com Debris Removal Operations Center Closing
10/26/2007 Press Release County Extends Hazard Tree Program Deadline