Keystone Bark Plant

Sierra Pacific Industries' Keystone Bark Plant is the leading quality supplier of decorative bark in Central California. Our decorative bark is derived from conifers processed at our own sawmills. We have deco bark available in small, medium, and large sizes. We feature 0-1/8" Humus, 0-1/4" Red, and 0-1/4" Special, or any other mix of your choice. We also have traditional walk-on and cedar bark available, as well as sawdust and chips to meet all your landscaping needs. This is one more way SPI utilizes 100% of our resources.

Sierra Pacific continues to seek new and innovative ways to utilize 100% of our forest resource. Chips, bark, shavings, and sawdust are leftover during the lumber and millwork making process. During each sawing and milling operation, state-of-the-art technology, machinery, and skilled operators get the most wood fiber from the logs or lumber. The leftover or fiber product is the wood fiber that didn’t make a 2 x 4, 2 x 6, or other similar wood product.

In years past, the leftover material was discarded in landfills or burned in tee-pee burners in an environmentally unfriendly way. Today that has changed, 100% of the wood fiber coming from the forest is used in one form or another.

Keystone Bark Plant


12001 La Grange Road

Jamestown, CA 95327

(209) 984-5853

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Below is a list of fiber products produced at our mills, where they come from, and how consumers utilize them each day.






Deco Bark, Soil Amendments, Hog Fuel



Pulp, MDF, Particle Board, Landscaping, Hog Fuel, Playground



MDF, Particle Board, Landscape, Plant mixes, Soil Amendments



Animal Bedding, MDF, Particle Board


Trim saws/Log Yard

MDF, Particle Board, Hog Fuel

Hog Fuel

Hog/Log Yard

Hog Fuel to produce electricity