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If you want quality and dependability for your lumber needs, think Sierra Pacific Industries!


Consider the reasons:


Over 809,400 hectares (2 million acres) of privately owned and managed forest support Sierra Pacific's 14 sawmills and three remanufacturing centers, all located in Northern California and Western Washington. Annual production exceeds 4.72 million cubic meters (2 billion board feet).


All of Sierra Pacific's facilities employ modern state-of-the-art equipment. Much of the equipment in our mills is designed and fabricated by our own professional engineers, technicians, and skilled workers at our Anderson Fabrication shop.


Variety... Sierra Pacific leads the industry in western conifer products - including Vertical Grain/Mixed Grain Douglas Fir, Vertical Grain/Mixed Grain White Fir, Ponderosa/Sugar Pine, Incense-cedar! You can buy rough lumber or finished products.

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Douglas Fir:

1"-2"-3"-4"X 6" & Wider

2"-2 1/2" -3"-4" X 6"& Wider

2"x 4"-5"-6"-8" Shop

12" X 12" & Wider

KD Metric Boards


Industrial Cutstock-Solid/Laminated

Finger joint Blank

"R" List Mixed Grain

"R" List Mixed Grain

"R" List Vertical Grain

"N" List Vertical Grain

White Fir:

2" X 4" through 2" X 12" Appearance Dimensions

KD Metric Boards

Industrial Cutstock-Solid/Laminated

Finger joint Blanks

Ponderosa/Sugar Pine:

1" & 5/4" X 4"-6"-8"-10"-12" #2 Common

KD Metric Boards

Industrial Cutstock-Solid/Laminated

Finger joint Blanks


3" X 3" - Pencil Stock KD or PAD

3" X 6" - Pencil Stock KD or PAD

3" X 9" - Pencil Stock KD or PAD

1" Sidings

5/4" & 3/4" Deckings


All stock carefully packaged for shipping. Sierra Pacific's own trucks deliver to the port. Containerized stock is loaded in containers at the mill to ensure damage free arrival. All finished products are paper protected.


The Sierra Pacific sales representatives have accurate inventory and market information, and are able to quote inquiries from your first call.