Sugar Pine

Sugar Pine

Sugar Pine is one of the most commonly used species of the western soft woods. Sugar Pine has excellent workability and texture for ease of use in a variety of work. Pine is a favorite wood to choose for a variety of patterns and is an excellent source for interior trim.

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Slicing Cants - Green

5", 6" & 8"

C & BTR & Moulding - Random Width & Length Kiln Dried, S2S or Rough

4/4 thru 16/4

5/4 Mldg&Btr Rough

Shop Grade - S4S, Kiln Dried

1x4 thru 1x12

Shop Grade - S2S , Kiln Dried, Random Width

5/4, 6/4 & 8/4

5/4 Shop Grade S2S 6/4 Shop Grade S2S

C & BTR. Selects - S4S, Kiln Dried

1x2 thru 1x12

1x4 C&Btr S4S 1x6 C&Btr S4S 1x10 C&Btr S4S

C & BTR. Selects - S4S, Kiln Dried

5/4x4 thru 5/4x12

5/4x4 C&Btr S4S Kiln Dried 5/4x6 C&Btr S4S Kiln Dried 5/4x8 C&Btr S4S Kiln Dried 5/4x10 C&Btr S4S Kiln Dried 5/4x12 C&Btr S4S Kiln Dried

"D" Selects - S4S, Kiln Dried

1x4 thru 1x12

1x6 D Select Stained S4S


#1 Common, #2 Common

#3 Common, #4 Common

A special Sierra Pacific Grade "Rare and Beautiful"

1x4 thru 1x12

5/4x4 thru 5/4x12

6/4x4 thru 6/4x12

8/4x6 thru 8/4x12

1x4 #2&Btr Common S4S 1x4 #3 Common S4S 1x6 #2&Btr Common S4S 1x8 #2&Btr Common S4S 1x8 #4 Common S4S 8/4x12 #2&Btr Common FOCH Rough 1x10 Rare & Beautiful S4S 1x12 #2&Btr Common S4S 1x12 #3 Common S4S 1x12 #4 Common S4S 1x12 Rare & Beautiful S4S

Patterns available on all selects and commons.

Special patterns and special packaging are available upon request.

Any stock can be primed upon request.

Example of a few normal patterns:

WP 4/Rev., WP 4, WP 6 WP 2

WP 116, WP 105, WP 11

Edge & Center Bead, Log Cabin, Stepping

Dimension Grades

2x4 thru 2x12 up to 20'