Incense Cedar

Incense Cedar

When you think of Incense Cedar, a warm and lovely wood comes to mind. Incense-cedar is widely recognized for its resistance to decay. This sweet smelling wood is specially kiln dried to insure dimensional stability. When you want a product that is superb for patterns, Incense-cedar offers the answer.

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Timbers - Sawn & graded for its best appearance

3x6, 4x6, 6x6, 8x8, 10x10, 12x12

Moulding - S2S, Random Width & Length


Shop Grade - S2S, Random Width & Length


Pencil Stock - The world's most sought after species of wood used in the pencil and Cosmetic Pencil industry.

3x3, 3x5, 3x6

Fencing Products

1x6 Dog Eared Rough El Dorado Stack 1x6 Dog Eared Rough Placer Stack

S1S2E "Sierra's Tahoe"


7/8x12 S1S2E "Sierra's Tahoe"

Patterns Available:

  • WP 4 Rev.
  • WP 11 Rev.
  • Thick Butt Rabbitted Bevel
  • Thin Bevel - Plain & Rabbitted
  • Channel Rustic - 11/16" & 7/8"
  • Cove Rustic
  • Log Cabin - Log-Log & Reveal
  • Select Deck
  • Select Deck

Patterns Available:

  • 1x6 thru 1x8
  • 1x8
  • 1x8
  • 1x8
  • 1x8
  • 1x8
  • 2x8
  • 2x6 thru 2x8
  • 3x6
1x6 WP 4 Rev. "Sierra's Tahoe" 1x8 WP 4 Rev. "Sierra's Tahoe" 1x8 ShipLap "Sierra's Tahoe" 1x8 Thick Butt Rabbitted Bevel "Sierra's Tahoe" 1x8 WP-105 Siding Cove Tahoe "Sierra's Tahoe"

All Products can be primed on request.

Special pattern upon request.

Sierra Patio Decking


5/4x6 Radius Edge Decking "Sierra's Tahoe"