White Fir

White Fir

California White Fir is one of the most versatile soft woods in America. It is non-resinous, fine textured, mills accurately, and remains straight. White Fir is widely used in residential and light commercial construction.

Facts about White Fir

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"Sierra Premium" Trim & Facia - S1S2E, Random Length, Kiln Dried

1x2 thru 1x12

2x2 thru 2x12

Combed finish available.

All stock available raw or primed.

Patterns Available:

  • WP 4 Rev.
  • WP 11 Rev.
  • Thick Butt Rabbitted Bevel
  • Channel Rustic
  • Cove Rustic
  • Log Cabin
  • Select Deck

Patterns Available:

  • 1x6 thru 1x8
  • 1x6 thru 1x8
  • 1x6 thru 1x8
  • 1x8
  • 1x8
  • 2x6 thru 2x8
  • 2x6 thru 2x8
1x6 Sierra Premium WP 4 Rev. 1x8 Sierra Premium Thick Butt Rabbeted Bevel 1x8 Sierra Premium WP 11 Rev. 2x6 Sierra Premium Select Deck LWC200 2x8 Sierra Premium Log to Log - Log Cabin 2x8 Sierra Premium Log with Reveal - Log Cabin

Special patterns available upon request.

Available raw or primed.

Special packaging available upon request.

Moulding - S2S, Kiln Dried, Random Width and Length

5/4, 6/4

Shop Grades - S2S, Kiln Dried, Random Width and Length

5/4, 6/4

5/4 Shop Grade S2S

Dimension Grades - S4S, Kiln Dried - Premium, Select Structural, #1&BTR., Std.&BTR., #2&BTR., Utility, #3, Economy

2x4 thru 2x12 up to 26'

3x4 thru 3x12 up to 26'

4x4 thru 4x12 up to 26'

2x6 Sierra Premium S4S Kiln Dried 2x8 Sierra Premium S4S Kiln Dried 2x10 #2&Btr S4S Kiln Dried

Boards - S4S, Green and Kiln Dried - Std&BTR., Util&BTR., Utility, Economy, Mill Run Rough

1x4 & 1x6 up to 20'

6/4x4 thru 6/4x12

8/4x6 thru 8/4x12

6x6 Timbers - #2&Btr Rough Green, #2&Btr, #3,  Boxed Heart,
Free of Heart, Exposed Full Sawn, Specialty 

6x6 & larger - up to 28'

6x6 Timbers #2&Btr Rough Green